Welcome to the Alliot website!

Here you will find interesting posts about all things IoT, join us as we embark on our journey to bring the latest IoT technologies to the market. Before we get started, let us introduce ourselves….

So, who are Alliot?

Alliot is the sister company of ProVu Communications – the UK’s leading VoIP Hardware Distributor. Established in the early days of VoIP, ProVu fostered relationships with techies who had a keen interest in being involved with the development process, helping to mould the technology from development to commercial applications.

We plan to adopt this winning approach with the development of Alliot. We believe that there is huge potential in the future of IoT in the business world, but know success will only come from identifying key individuals who share our goals.

Get Involved

We encourage you to collaborate with us and share your thoughts, opinions and project ideas, helping us move Alliot and IoT forwards together. Please feel free contact us if you have something to say, we cannot wait to hear from you!