Alliot will represent world class leading manufacturers of IoT devices, distributing their products throughout the UK, through both our existing ProVu customer base and new channels that Alliot are developing.

Our Vision

Alliot will simplify the set-up and ongoing management of IoT devices. We will distribute a wide range of IoT hardware and provide the associated technical back up to support your projects. With services such as device provisioning, remote management, and data collection, distribution and storage we will provide the solution ready to be interfaced with your selected IT structure.


July 2018 – Alliot’s first product is now available to purchase! Find out more about the LORIX One LoRaWAN Gateway.

Whilst still in the development phase, we expect Alliot to be fully launched in late 2018. We are currently in the process of engaging with world class suppliers of IoT solutions who share our philosophy with the aim to expand our portfolio and bring some of the leading devices in the industry to the UK market.